Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Saving Money! :-)

This month I've been trying to spend less and save more! So I decided to write about it.
This last week I got some envelopes and labeled them, right now I'm saving for 3 different things; Violin, Shopping trip, and general savings. And I also have a envelopes for bills, and everyday stuff. When I get paid I just sort the money into the envelopes and leave it so it add ups! Smart huh ;-)
Also to help save money.....
1. Cook at home! every time you eat out you spend at least 15$ of your everyday money. If you cook at home you save over half of that. 
2. If you work don't go out to eat lunch everyday. Save that for a treat! Instead why not make some nice ham and cheese sandwiches at home, maybe some fruit and some water. Not only helps save money but its also healthier too.
3. Make a list before you go shopping. And stick to it, no extras!! EVER!! lol.
If you start grabbing extras they start to add up. So make that list before you grab those keys and wallet!!!
4. Look at expiration dates. Don't ever grab the one in front. Grab from the back. Stores always put the fresh stuff in the back. You don't wanna get home and find out ooo that bag of lettuce goes bad tomorrow...... REALLY!? Then you'd have to go buy another bag...... :-(
5. Why buy trash bags? You those nice wally world sacks from your shopping!!
6. #1 Always pay off those debts first, you never wanna be in debt. Listen to Dave Ramsey :-D
7. Pay your bills on time and avoid late fees and........ Your lights and phone won't be turned off hahahahaha!
8. If you have a bank account (Yes everyone horrible me... I don't have one. I closed it. Cash only now!) Keep track of your charges and debits and checks. Don't go over drawn. That cost money!! at least 20$ And probably more!! So keep on that!! Don't wait till next week to write it down, you might be over drawn by then.
9. Avoid the ATM. They charge like 2$ to withdraw money. Why not get some cash when you put your check in the bank? That 2$ might not seem like a lot but it adds up! And think of all the gas you can buy with 2$?
10. Get used books, or better yet... if all else fails; LIBRARY! Be a Hermione lol. And clothes, I've found some very nice clothes at thrift stores for some very nice prices. Go check them out. Or you can buy some fabric and make some nice chick skirts and blouses :-D
11. Price check. Just because walmart has it for 99$ does not mean its the cheapest one out there. And do you really need it right that moment? Why might go check out that item online? You never know.
12. Don't buy things on impulse. This is a hard one for me. I see, I want, I get!! :-P
Bad me!! lol but it spends all your everyday money very fast. Then you have to scrap up some money for gas the next day..... if you really want it then save up first.
13. Take a Dave Ramsey course? YES!!!! Very Very VERY helpful. And highly recommended.

Kimmy :-)

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