Sunday, August 31, 2014

Are you to busy to serve?

Holla me peoples!

So  I only have 2 more weeks here at the CCM and then its out to IDAHO I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember when I got my mission call and everyone making that last minute guess as to where I was going. And then opening it and reading the words "Pocatello Idaho Spanish Speaking" Now you can only imagine my shock and disappointment. But I put on my happy face and celebrated with my family.

It took me months to come to terms with my call. I thought I wasn't good enough to go somewhere like Japan or Argentina. I thought Heavenly Father was disappointed in me or something.

I read a quote from a talk that said "The Lord does not call you to serve in one place. He calls you to serve in place of the Savoir"
I realized it didn't matter where I served or what language I would speak. The Savoir served in small places. He was there to heal the sick, teach them the gospel, and to be there friend. It doesnt matter where you go, or how cool your mission area is. 
You are there to teach in his place. Lose yourself, study His words, teach with the spirit. Be yourself. Someone needs the light you have inside. 

Mosiah 2:17 says "And behold I tell you these things that yes may learn Wisdom that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God"

Are you to busy to serve?? Time for a story!

In his monthly newsletter to his ward a young bishop wrote of a group of religion instructures at a theological seminary who were taking the summer course on the life of the Savior- One focusing particularly on the parables. When Final exam time came, the students arrived at the class room to find a not on the table stating that the exam would be given in another building across campus. The note also said they would only have a 2 hour time period that was starting at that moment..
The students hurried across campus. On the way they passed a little girl crying over a flat tire on her bike, A old man hobbling painfully toward the library with a cane in one hand spilling his books. On a bench by the union building sat a shabbily dressed, bearded man with a sign: "I need money to eat, please help me" 
rushing into the other classroom the students were met by the professor, who announced that they had all failed the final exam. The only true test of whether they understood the Saviors life and teaching, he said was how they treated people in need. Their weeks of study at the feet of a capable professor had taught them a great deal of what Christ had said and done. But nothing they learned in class was as effective as the lesson they learned from the professors exam. 

Take time to help others. You never know who you will help and what life's you will change

Hermana Bell 
A minion

Sister missionary selfie


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 4

Things I wish i knew before entering the MTC

Hola Peeps

So Im working on week 4 of the MTC here in Mexico. While I love it and yes you feel like you are in Brazil and a rainforest at the sametime. There are a couple of things I wish I had known before getting here so here goes.......

1) Bring pictures of your family, friends, home, ect. I didnt and I regret it. So make a little photo album.

2) Bring more then one towel. It rains a lot! And who really wants to use the same towel for a week!?

3) Bring some flipflops or slippers. The floors are kinda nasty.

4) When you change your sheets on mandays do not put your blankets in the wash pile. You wont get any back. Lets just say it was a long two cold nights before we finally got some.....

5)Yes you do get a pillow

6)When you first arrive make sure you have your passport, immunizations, ID, and the letter thing they sent you on how to fill out a immigration form on you!

7) The CCM has their own well and they test it regularly. so yes you can brush your teeth with it and even drink it (Not recommended as it kinda taste funky)

8) Bring Hangers!!!!!!!

9) You dont need a set of spanish scriptures. you get a nice set on the first day here.

10) Learn as much spanish as possible before coming here!!!!!!!!

11) Bring your own snacks. you do get a money card with 100 paseos for Elders and 120 paseos for Hermanas but you dont want to spend it all on snakcs!!

12) Make sure to bring a watch!!!

13) Regarding the rumor of ¨;you can weight at the MTC: Its a lie. Just be careful what you eat and how much you eat :)

14) Yes there is indeed a nutella bar!!!

15)Be on time to everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

16) STUDY STUDY STUDY!!! Scriptures, preach my gospel, anything!!! You'll thanks me later!

Quote of the week: Hermana Crone: Im sad lets go spend money!

Scripture: D&C 138:55-56

Love you all!!

Also any questions email me!!

Hermana Bell XoXoXo

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week Two.

Haha! Karmen has figured out how to change the font on here!! Go her!

Week 2:

Tuesday August 5:

P-day was a emotional roller coaster but all is fine now.

Wednesday August 6:

We found out today that our investigator is a fake (Haha should have known right?) Anyway he becomes our teacher starting Saturday. The struggle here is real Im for real struggling to learn the language and there is now mercy from any of the teachers. Which I guess is a good thing tho becuase then we will learn the language quicker.

Thursday August 7:

The days are blurring together here, I cant remember what the day is let alone the month or year haha. But Classes are going well. The weather is crazy here as well. Like really crazy. It rains so much and Im pretty sure its going to flood.

Friday August 8:

Im still alive and well. Me and my companion Hermana Crone are still teaching our teacher (Haha got me there crafty CCM)

Saturday August 9:

Well we got our new teacher (Our investigator) today so we now have classes all morning and then all afternoon. Oh by the way the picture is me and Hermana Crone. I miss all of you guys like crazy! Hug my mom for me! And just know that I think about all of you all the time!!

Sunday August 10:

Sundays are by far (besides P-days) The best. We have several devotionals and its also our movie night (Woot woot!!) Last week you watched a movie about Christ visiting the americas after his resurecction! Haha talk about drama at its best! This week we got a movie in about a guy from Sweden who found a book of mormon in the trash (Partly burnt) and didnt know what it was (The title page and cover had been burnt off) And read it and knew it was true. But had no idea what church it came from. And he sacrified everything for the book. And eventually when he was 96 finally got baptized after his search!

Monday August 11:

Talk about workouts. So you remember that new teacher i was telling you about? Well today in class he told us to memorize a whole page of bullet points in spanish in order in 5 minutes, but of course me not being able to understand everything he said thought that he said to just read that page in 5 minutes. So he at random picked one of us and asked us to tell him what bullet point 5 was or bullet point 1 and if you got it wrong Elders had to do 10 pushups and Hermans had to do 15 squats. Lets just say that I it hurts to walk now haha!! Note to self, just memorize anything that im reading :-)

Well everyone Ive gotta go!

Love you all and miss you tons!!

Hermana Bell
aka Kimmy XoXoXo


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sister Bells first email.

Hello everyone! Karmen here updating sister Bells blog!

Aloha Familia!!

So a quick run down of my week since I only have about a hour on here.

Wednesday July 30

So I arrived here to Mexico City after a long 11 hour flight!!! The people here are amazing and so welcoming!! Anyway I finally met my first companion Hermana Crone!! She is amazing and everything that I needed!! She arrived after me and is from Arizona. She to is going to Idaho Pocatello Spanish speaking!! We both will be leaving here on September 9 at 6am (Yay early flights....) Anyway the CCM is like a small little missionary town nestled right here in the middle of Mexico City. Like if I left here I don't think I would be able to make it back!! Pretty sure I would get lost haha!

The food here is amazing as well, oh and guess what dad they have a Nutella bar!!!!! No joke (there will be pictures)

Thursday July 31

We went to our first Spanish class today, and I got to meet my district! They are like my little family away from home. There is me and Hermana Crone, Hermanas Moses and Wilemon, and then we have 8 elders (Bryson, Larson, JeBe Quarkoo, Ostergar, Thomas, Peterson, Christians, Beckstead)
For real we do everything together, and are like a family. They are all going stateside spanish speaking. Anyway they have no mercy here haha They talk in spanish the whole time and refuse to use English!! We all just sort of dived in. And we have to teach our first investigator tomorrow!! Crazy!! But I can at least sort of read in spanish now.... :)

Friday August 1

So I finally had something that was semi american food.... Oatmeal!! And salad (Should I mention that the salad had tufu, pineapple, and blackberrys and ranch?) But it was still pretty good, I don't know if I would have ever have put those things together but you only live once right?? I'm going to try everything here!

Oh our first lesson didn't go as bad as I thought, I was able to bear my testimony and read a couple of scriptures with our awesome Mexican investigator, to which I don't know if he understood me, but I just kept smiling and saying Si!! And He probably thought I was crazy but he asked if we would come back, so over all not to bad for a first time lesson in a language I don't know.

Oh by the way the rainstorms here are crazy!! Me and Hermana Crone got locked in the mess hall when a monsoon came through (Okay that's a little exaggerated, we got 12 inches of rain)  

Saturday August 2

So they keep telling me that the first week is the hardest and I believe them! Right now we are on a 24 hour fast starting from noon today untill 1pm tomorrow. We shall see if I will live.... ;)

So our lesson With Ramiors kinda feel apart. I didn't know what to say and he kept asking us questions that we couldn't answer to to the language  barrier!! Grr gonna go study spanish for the next 15 hours!!!!!! Also I have a bag of mexican cookies in my closet that are screaming at me to eat them, but we our on a fast!! #HardestThingEver

Sunday August 3

I cant even begin to tell you all how much today has been amazing! I so needed this breather!! It was like a breath of fresh air! We attened our church meetings and just studied all day, (No lessons thank goodness!) And just hung out with our little familia District all day. Also I got called as our Districts 14 pianist! So life is good, me and my companion are allowed to go play on the piano for a hour everyday!!!!!! Oh by the way I got to meet Elder Octaviano Tenorio today!! He is a amazing speaker! Go read his talk from the 177 General Conference!! Or watch it on

Monday August 4

So good news we were able to answers Ramoirs questions and we also got him committed to reading the book of Mormon, We asked that when he found out these things were true if he would be baptized and he said he would!!!!! And we were able to have a nice visit. Can I just tell you all that I know that prayer works!? I know that you all are praying for me, to be able to learn this language! I will tell you that it is working!!! I'm learning like crazy!

Also Me and Hermana Crone started doing yoga every morning so that might also have something to do with my happiness!! OH!! Guys I can receive letters here, ask my mom for the address!!

Tuesday August 5

Finally My P-day!!!
So today we had a new group of missionary's arrive, they were here from mexico so they had family dropping them off. I am not going to lie that when I saw this one mother hugging her son and crying me and my companion just broke down in tears because we realized how much we missed our own family's!

Well I have to get going as I have to go practice for a show we are doing tonight but I love and miss all of you so much!!

Hermana Bell