Thursday, August 21, 2014

Week 4

Things I wish i knew before entering the MTC

Hola Peeps

So Im working on week 4 of the MTC here in Mexico. While I love it and yes you feel like you are in Brazil and a rainforest at the sametime. There are a couple of things I wish I had known before getting here so here goes.......

1) Bring pictures of your family, friends, home, ect. I didnt and I regret it. So make a little photo album.

2) Bring more then one towel. It rains a lot! And who really wants to use the same towel for a week!?

3) Bring some flipflops or slippers. The floors are kinda nasty.

4) When you change your sheets on mandays do not put your blankets in the wash pile. You wont get any back. Lets just say it was a long two cold nights before we finally got some.....

5)Yes you do get a pillow

6)When you first arrive make sure you have your passport, immunizations, ID, and the letter thing they sent you on how to fill out a immigration form on you!

7) The CCM has their own well and they test it regularly. so yes you can brush your teeth with it and even drink it (Not recommended as it kinda taste funky)

8) Bring Hangers!!!!!!!

9) You dont need a set of spanish scriptures. you get a nice set on the first day here.

10) Learn as much spanish as possible before coming here!!!!!!!!

11) Bring your own snacks. you do get a money card with 100 paseos for Elders and 120 paseos for Hermanas but you dont want to spend it all on snakcs!!

12) Make sure to bring a watch!!!

13) Regarding the rumor of ¨;you can weight at the MTC: Its a lie. Just be careful what you eat and how much you eat :)

14) Yes there is indeed a nutella bar!!!

15)Be on time to everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

16) STUDY STUDY STUDY!!! Scriptures, preach my gospel, anything!!! You'll thanks me later!

Quote of the week: Hermana Crone: Im sad lets go spend money!

Scripture: D&C 138:55-56

Love you all!!

Also any questions email me!!

Hermana Bell XoXoXo

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