Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week Two.

Haha! Karmen has figured out how to change the font on here!! Go her!

Week 2:

Tuesday August 5:

P-day was a emotional roller coaster but all is fine now.

Wednesday August 6:

We found out today that our investigator is a fake (Haha should have known right?) Anyway he becomes our teacher starting Saturday. The struggle here is real Im for real struggling to learn the language and there is now mercy from any of the teachers. Which I guess is a good thing tho becuase then we will learn the language quicker.

Thursday August 7:

The days are blurring together here, I cant remember what the day is let alone the month or year haha. But Classes are going well. The weather is crazy here as well. Like really crazy. It rains so much and Im pretty sure its going to flood.

Friday August 8:

Im still alive and well. Me and my companion Hermana Crone are still teaching our teacher (Haha got me there crafty CCM)

Saturday August 9:

Well we got our new teacher (Our investigator) today so we now have classes all morning and then all afternoon. Oh by the way the picture is me and Hermana Crone. I miss all of you guys like crazy! Hug my mom for me! And just know that I think about all of you all the time!!

Sunday August 10:

Sundays are by far (besides P-days) The best. We have several devotionals and its also our movie night (Woot woot!!) Last week you watched a movie about Christ visiting the americas after his resurecction! Haha talk about drama at its best! This week we got a movie in about a guy from Sweden who found a book of mormon in the trash (Partly burnt) and didnt know what it was (The title page and cover had been burnt off) And read it and knew it was true. But had no idea what church it came from. And he sacrified everything for the book. And eventually when he was 96 finally got baptized after his search!

Monday August 11:

Talk about workouts. So you remember that new teacher i was telling you about? Well today in class he told us to memorize a whole page of bullet points in spanish in order in 5 minutes, but of course me not being able to understand everything he said thought that he said to just read that page in 5 minutes. So he at random picked one of us and asked us to tell him what bullet point 5 was or bullet point 1 and if you got it wrong Elders had to do 10 pushups and Hermans had to do 15 squats. Lets just say that I it hurts to walk now haha!! Note to self, just memorize anything that im reading :-)

Well everyone Ive gotta go!

Love you all and miss you tons!!

Hermana Bell
aka Kimmy XoXoXo


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