Friday, March 28, 2014


Music is a different form of words. Its how our hearts connect! I will soon be leaving on a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I will be leaving behind something very dear to my heart; My Music. The one thing that has pulled me out of stupid troubles and told me it was okay. I threw myself into it. Even tho I was a very late starter on both Piano and the Violin. I would practice day and night. Self teaching myself chords, half steps/whole steps, rhythm, etc. Eventually taking a few lessons when I got a job at 16. It was a gift my Heavenly Father gave me and I'm so very thankful to Him for it! I'm thankful to my dad for buying a cheap keyboard out of no where and bringing it home, that first inspired me to really learn music. I'm grateful for my mom's honesty and criticism that pushed me to become better! If you have a dream, don't just put it on a shelf for "next year" Pull it off that shelf everyday, dust it off, polish it till it gleams. Use it! Everyone has a dream. Why shouldn't you have yours. In life we have to take chances, we have to be brave to take that first step out the door and get swept away on a journey, much like Bilbo from the Hobbit. There may be many Gandalf's out there, giving you that shove, even when you're so desperately wanting to stay in you're nice, comfy hobbit hole. But what happened to Bilbo in the story? He became a better hobbit for it! Yes he had trials. But the rain always comes before the rainbow. Everyone has a excuse! Don't think I didn't try using one. I used to say "I'll never be good enough, I started too late. Everyone else was classically trained in music!" I couldn't let that stop me! I could be one of the very few adult prodigies out there today. I may not even get to perform professionally. But I'll get to live my dream. I hope you will take a moment to think about you're dreams. Make a dream board even, or simply write it down. But don't set it aside to do it tomorrow! Do it now. You could be working on little things everyday that will get you closer to you're dreams. And don't let anyone tell you that you're dreams or a waste of time. That you'll never accomplish them! You will if you work on it, you will touch the sky one day! Remember, nothing is Impossible (I'm Possible) They said that women would never be doctors. But today we almost have more women doctors then men. 

By Edgar Albert Guest
Somebody said that it couldn’t be done
      But he with a chuckle replied
That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one
      Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.
So he buckled right in with the trace of a grin
      On his face. If he worried he hid it.
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
      That couldn’t be done, and he did it!

Somebody scoffed: “Oh, you’ll never do that;
      At least no one ever has done it;”
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat
      And the first thing we knew he’d begun it.
With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin,
      Without any doubting or quitting,
He started to sing as he tackled the thing
      That couldn’t be done, and he did it.

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,
      There are thousands to prophesy failure,
There are thousands to point out to you one by one,
      The dangers that wait to assail you.
But just buckle in with a bit of a grin,
      Just take off your coat and go to it;
Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing
      That “cannot be done,” and you’ll do it.

 Today Disney rakes in billions from merchandise, movies and theme parks around the world, but Walt Disney himself had a bit of a rough start. He was fired by a newspaper editor because, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” (In fact that newspaper was the Kansas City Star!!) After that, Disney started a number of businesses that didn’t last too long and ended with bankruptcy and failure. He kept plugging along, however, and eventually found a recipe for success that worked.

 While today he is remembered as one of the greatest leaders of our nation, Abraham Lincoln’s life wasn’t so easy. In his youth he went to war a captain and returned a private (if you’re not familiar with military ranks, just know that private is as low as it goes.) Lincoln didn’t stop failing there, however. He started numerous failed business and was defeated in numerous runs he made for public office.

During her career, Lucille Ball had thirteen Emmy nominations and four wins, also earning the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Kennedy Center Honors. Before starring in I Love Lucy, Ball was widely regarded as a failed actress and a B movie star. Even her drama instructors didn’t feel she could make it, telling her to try another profession. She, of course, proved them all wrong.

J.K. Rowling may be rolling in a lot of Harry Potter dough today, but before she published the series of novels she was nearly penniless, severely depressed, divorced, trying to raise a child on her own while attending school and writing a novel. Rowling went from depending on welfare to survive to being one of the richest women in the world in a span of only five years through her hard work and determination.

 In his formative years, young Beethoven was incredibly awkward on the violin and was often so busy working on his own compositions that he neglected to practice. Despite his love of composing, his teachers felt he was hopeless at it and would never succeed with the violin or in composing. Beethoven kept plugging along, however, and composed some of the best-loved symphonies of all time–five of them while he was completely deaf.

They were told, no they couldn't. But did that stop them? Apparently not! 

Kimmy XoXoXo 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Experiment in Words part 2

An Experiment in Words



Words can build us up, can bring us down, start a fire in our hearts, or put it out! You can change the world, by changing you're words! These videos really made me think about how our words really do affect people! We can literally make a huge impact on someones life with just the words we say! Do I really want to make someone else feel like they are dirt? Or they have nothing to live for? I had a scary insight today; How do I affect people? I really hope for the better. I hope I left you in positive light, and not starring down a dark alley! And if I ever did hurt you with words, that I'm sorry! And I hope you would forgive me! Cause words are words, once spoken they can never be taken back. I know what its like to be constantly put down with words, I hated how I felt. I never wanted to make another person feel the way I felt in those times! And honestly where do those negative words go? When I started at Paul Mitchell the very first day, they told me it was a new page in my book. Any past mistakes were to be forgotten. They taught me to not only find the true beauty in others, but in myself. And while I always knew who I was, and that I have more worth then society tells me, they taught me a deeper meaning of it. Change the way you see, not the way you look! I know that I will always be learning and building my character the rest of my life! I'll never be able to take a "spring break" so to speak. So long as I'm breathing, I'm learning. And hopefully when ever we part ways my, friends, family, people I may not even know, that we leave each other better. 
Just take time this week, today even! to just change one word in you're vocabulary. 
I want to change the word - ME to WE. Sometimes I think about myself to much and maybe forget that, hey other people may want to be part of my life! It sounds more inviting. “We” instead of “me” : In my daily interactions with people,  I want to try to infuse more consolidating words like ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ etc . Using these words means you are being a team player and that you are bothered enough about the opposite person to include him/her in your life. On the other hand when you use words like “I”, “me”, “myself” all the time, you come across as self involved and self indulgent. For example instead of saying “I am so busy today, and can’t meet up.” say “Can we meet up another time for coffee?”. When you think about others hearts just like your own, we wont hurt them nor will we hurt ourselves. It expands your heart to include everyone and everything in it.
It all really starts with our thoughts,  Ira Gassen once said "Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment.” 
Another thing I try and walk away from; Negative conversations. I'm not saying run away. Simply try and change the topic to a more positive topic. Movies and music is a huge thing. We may not even realize what we are putting in our brains. It only takes just one movie, just one song to have it stuck in you're mind. But it takes weeks of putting positive thoughts, listening to good music, interacting with positive people to remove negative thinking.

So just remember, it starts with you're thoughts, and just changing one more at a time. 
Lets make a change in this world and leave it better then we found it!

Kimmy XoXoXo 


Boston Cream Pie takes faith!

So its Thursday again, which means..... Food day! A new recipe for you, my charming readers!


My brothers birthday is tomorrow and all he wants is,you might have guessed, a Boston cream pie.

By the end, I had a semi good looking cake, a messy kitchen, and a headache. But don't let this stop you from making this, cause it is awesome (Coming from someone who has never had a Boston cream pie)

 (Preheat oven to 350 degrees) Take 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons sifted flour, 2/3 cup sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder, and 1/4 teaspoon salt and mix in a big bowl

Make a well in the center of the mixture...

Add 1/2 cup of milk, 1/4 cup cooking oil, 2 egg yolks (Don't toss the egg whites!), and 1 teaspoon vanilla to the flour mixture.

Beat on low until combined. And then on high for 3 minutes.

Okay so now take those 2 egg whites and 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar.

And mix until...

it forms soft peaks (Lift the blender out, the whites should stand on their own but will start falling after a few seconds.)

Gently pour the egg yolk mixture and pour it into the egg whites

You are going to fold these in. Now folding does not mean beat it like a rug on spring cleaning day..
Video credit goes to - Emma Christensen!

So just gently "Fold" until blended

pour into you're 9-inch greased pie pan or cake pan.

And bake for 25 to 30 minutes at 350 degrees It will be done when it springs back when lightly touched!

So then, moving onto the cream part, Take 2 cups milk and 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

And warm it in a saucepan, don't boil it tho. Just get it hot and turn it off.

Okay mix 6 egg yokes and 2/3 cup sugar

Whisk until light and fluffy.

Sift 1/4 cup of cornstarch in..
I say sift because cornstarch is so lumpy!

And whisk until there are no more lumps (I never said that sifting would get rid of all the lumps did I?)

Whisk in 1/4 cup of the hot milk until incorporated

Whisk in the remaining hot milk, don't toss the sauce pan quite yet tho!

Once all that is whisked together, you're going to pour the mixture through a strainer back into the saucepan

Cook over medium-high heat, whisking constantly, until thickened and slowly boiling.

Remove from heat and add 1 tablespoon of butter and gently mix, DO NOT SCRAPE THE BOTTOM! You never know if you might have burned the bottom lightly. You do not want to scrape up nasty black stuff into you're mixture.
So  wrap the pudding in a bowl and plastic wrap and place in fridge for at least 2 hours, and go look at all the hail outside! Crazy right??

Once the cake is completely cooled cut it in half horizontally

Place the first half on you're cake board or serving dish

And add that cream filling that's been chilling, and smooth it out.

Place the other half on there. And its time to make the Ganache!
Bring to a boil 1 cup of cream.

And add 8 ounces of semi sweet chocolate

I beat mine in the pan with a mixer. Extra smooth ;-)

Pour over the cake....


Now doesn't that look good :-D
Now I'm sure that you're way cleaner then I, and you're kitchen does not look like this by the end! Right???

On a better note, I can open my mouth a little without pain!
Well enjoy,

Kimmy XoXoXo

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#Mission - Mission Clothing

So since deciding I wanted to serve a mission, I've been kinda stressing about clothes. Well the thing is that I really didn't have anything mission appropriate. Everything was either, too short, the neckline was to wide, too tight fitting. You get the idea! 

So anyway here I was with all these clothes that I've collected for the past two years, or "borrowed" from my sister (Hehe) and on a budget. Everyone kept saying that they we're spending anywhere from $800 to $1200 on just clothes!! As you could imagine, I was a little intimidated. I don't really care what other people think of me and my weird fashion, but I wanted to dress nice to serve/represent the Lord! 

At the beginning of the New Year 2014 I told my self I wanted to up-cycle clothes. While I didn't know where I was gonna find time to do it, or money! I promised myself I would just do it. Also at the same time I started making my own clothing patterns. 

I ended up going shopping for fabric and spent around $100 and then I went thrift store shopping and spent around $60 

I spent 5 weeks after that finding clothes that inspired me and just threw myself into it.

Literally I prayed and cut! 
Since then I have redesigned 1 wedding dress for my sister's wedding, I made 3 bridesmaid dresses, 5 skirts using my own pattern, 2 shirts, 4 jackets, and redesigned 7 over-sized items from the thrift store! 

These are some of the photos where inspiration hit me in the head!  

This girl has a awesome blog that has a ton of clothing ideas! look up Skunkboy on Google and it will pop up!


So these are just a fraction of the inspirations I had! I feel like I spent more time looking up photos then actual sewing XD

So here it comes....

My own version of some of these. And don't judge to much, I didn't have a pattern for 90% of them haha!
P.S This is not all the clothes I made, just part of them! I will be posting later in April the many different outfit ideas :-) And it will include all of the clothes I made or redesigned.

Kimmy's collection

Grey pleated skirt

Yellow circle skirt

This used to be a dress, but it was super short, so I redesigned it into a skirt :-)

Chocolate mint inspiration? I love this skirt!

Pink pleated skirt

Black dress.

Another black dress

Jackets- (All of these are from the thrift store that I just tweaked a bit)

Cute Mustard cardigan

Black jacket

Pink jacket

Black jacket, has a nice trim on sleeves

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing this as much as I loved making/tweaking them! I still have many projects to do! And hopefully it will be done by the middle of April :-D 
I'm so excited!!

Kimmy XoXoXo