Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So this is a new thing, but I think you're gonna like it!
Once a week, probably on Tuesdays, I will be posting about a inspiring person on here. Whither it be about, Woman empowerment, Spiritual Growth, People I admire/Look up to, Someone I might be obsessing over (So if its about a piece of food don't worry) You get the idea :-)

So a little about this person, and why I'm posting about them!

First, she's inspiring, someone in Hollywood you can actually look up you, and at and not feel like "Ugh I'll never look like that, I'm just me!" She reminds me of the sort of thinking I've always had; That society needs to take responsibility of what their doing to Young girls, women. They have woman everywhere thinking they need to be skinny to fit the part. That they need to have lush hair, full lips, perfect makeup! They've destroyed what true beauty really is! True beauty lies within! You don't need to be a size 5 to be gorgeous. Take a stand now and be courageous, stand up for what you really believe in, not what others want you to believe, or what society or the mirror says! 
What does true beauty mean? 
I've never really cared about being skinny, if I was bigger I would still be me! I would still be this girl that I am and still love the same people! I would rather be fit and strong, not skinny and helpless looking and underfed. Out Society does not need that! We can change the world, but first..... We need to change ourselves. Change the way we think! They call this the "Me Generation" What if we change it to "The Empowerment Generation" We can truly change this world, but we need to work together. Accept everyone for who they are! But most importantly accept ourselves!  

So without further ado.... 

Jennifer Lawrence!

Hope you enjoy! If there's anyone you find EMPOWERING or INSPIRATIONAL 
Leave a comment below and tell me why! 

Kimmy XoXoXo

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