Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#Mission - Mission Clothing

So since deciding I wanted to serve a mission, I've been kinda stressing about clothes. Well the thing is that I really didn't have anything mission appropriate. Everything was either, too short, the neckline was to wide, too tight fitting. You get the idea! 

So anyway here I was with all these clothes that I've collected for the past two years, or "borrowed" from my sister (Hehe) and on a budget. Everyone kept saying that they we're spending anywhere from $800 to $1200 on just clothes!! As you could imagine, I was a little intimidated. I don't really care what other people think of me and my weird fashion, but I wanted to dress nice to serve/represent the Lord! 

At the beginning of the New Year 2014 I told my self I wanted to up-cycle clothes. While I didn't know where I was gonna find time to do it, or money! I promised myself I would just do it. Also at the same time I started making my own clothing patterns. 

I ended up going shopping for fabric and spent around $100 and then I went thrift store shopping and spent around $60 

I spent 5 weeks after that finding clothes that inspired me and just threw myself into it.

Literally I prayed and cut! 
Since then I have redesigned 1 wedding dress for my sister's wedding, I made 3 bridesmaid dresses, 5 skirts using my own pattern, 2 shirts, 4 jackets, and redesigned 7 over-sized items from the thrift store! 

These are some of the photos where inspiration hit me in the head!  

This girl has a awesome blog that has a ton of clothing ideas! look up Skunkboy on Google and it will pop up!


So these are just a fraction of the inspirations I had! I feel like I spent more time looking up photos then actual sewing XD

So here it comes....

My own version of some of these. And don't judge to much, I didn't have a pattern for 90% of them haha!
P.S This is not all the clothes I made, just part of them! I will be posting later in April the many different outfit ideas :-) And it will include all of the clothes I made or redesigned.

Kimmy's collection

Grey pleated skirt

Yellow circle skirt

This used to be a dress, but it was super short, so I redesigned it into a skirt :-)

Chocolate mint inspiration? I love this skirt!

Pink pleated skirt

Black dress.

Another black dress

Jackets- (All of these are from the thrift store that I just tweaked a bit)

Cute Mustard cardigan

Black jacket

Pink jacket

Black jacket, has a nice trim on sleeves

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing this as much as I loved making/tweaking them! I still have many projects to do! And hopefully it will be done by the middle of April :-D 
I'm so excited!!

Kimmy XoXoXo

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