Thursday, March 27, 2014

An Experiment in Words



Words can build us up, can bring us down, start a fire in our hearts, or put it out! You can change the world, by changing you're words! These videos really made me think about how our words really do affect people! We can literally make a huge impact on someones life with just the words we say! Do I really want to make someone else feel like they are dirt? Or they have nothing to live for? I had a scary insight today; How do I affect people? I really hope for the better. I hope I left you in positive light, and not starring down a dark alley! And if I ever did hurt you with words, that I'm sorry! And I hope you would forgive me! Cause words are words, once spoken they can never be taken back. I know what its like to be constantly put down with words, I hated how I felt. I never wanted to make another person feel the way I felt in those times! And honestly where do those negative words go? When I started at Paul Mitchell the very first day, they told me it was a new page in my book. Any past mistakes were to be forgotten. They taught me to not only find the true beauty in others, but in myself. And while I always knew who I was, and that I have more worth then society tells me, they taught me a deeper meaning of it. Change the way you see, not the way you look! I know that I will always be learning and building my character the rest of my life! I'll never be able to take a "spring break" so to speak. So long as I'm breathing, I'm learning. And hopefully when ever we part ways my, friends, family, people I may not even know, that we leave each other better. 
Just take time this week, today even! to just change one word in you're vocabulary. 
I want to change the word - ME to WE. Sometimes I think about myself to much and maybe forget that, hey other people may want to be part of my life! It sounds more inviting. “We” instead of “me” : In my daily interactions with people,  I want to try to infuse more consolidating words like ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ etc . Using these words means you are being a team player and that you are bothered enough about the opposite person to include him/her in your life. On the other hand when you use words like “I”, “me”, “myself” all the time, you come across as self involved and self indulgent. For example instead of saying “I am so busy today, and can’t meet up.” say “Can we meet up another time for coffee?”. When you think about others hearts just like your own, we wont hurt them nor will we hurt ourselves. It expands your heart to include everyone and everything in it.
It all really starts with our thoughts,  Ira Gassen once said "Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment.” 
Another thing I try and walk away from; Negative conversations. I'm not saying run away. Simply try and change the topic to a more positive topic. Movies and music is a huge thing. We may not even realize what we are putting in our brains. It only takes just one movie, just one song to have it stuck in you're mind. But it takes weeks of putting positive thoughts, listening to good music, interacting with positive people to remove negative thinking.

So just remember, it starts with you're thoughts, and just changing one more at a time. 
Lets make a change in this world and leave it better then we found it!

Kimmy XoXoXo 


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