Friday, February 22, 2013

diy for under eye circles

Okay so today I'm gonna put up a couple of good remedies for removing those under eye circles! Yay!
Okay so every morning you wake up and your eyes are undoubtedly pretty puffy and dark, yikes! So most people just grab the concealer and cake it on. The only problem with that tho is that concealer kind of highlights areas. So not only are you blocking your skin from being able to breath and causing wrinkles, but your also "highlighting" that area!
So here are just a couple of diy home remedies that are 100% natural.

The first one requires one ingredient, easy right?? Bet you can't guess what it is!?
Thats right its a cucumber. Cucumbers reduce redness and have a cooling effect and will reduce puffy, dark eyes. So all you need is 1- a cucumber 2- cotton pledges 3- a juicer 4- freezer  bag (any size) 5- a freezer
Okay so just take the cucumber and cut it into like 4 pieces and juice it. (put the juice into a regular size bowl) okay know take your cotton and just start soaking them in the juice. squeeze out the extra juice and place it on a plate. Once you've made as many as you want (I make like 30 at a time so it will last me a month!) your going to place Okay now throw them in the freezer and your done! Just kidding :-P
Okay so in the morning when you wake up go to the freezer and pull 2 cotton pledges out and set them on a plate. Go take a shower or do your morning routine or whatever. When you get back it should be thawed out. Okay so take the cotton and place one on each eye. Now your gonna leave this on for around 10 minutes. Your eyes and the skin around the eyes will feel cool and refreshed! Awesome right? Right ;-)

Now for a second one. This one again only requires one ingredient. Its tea bags. So you can use regular mint tea, green tea, just whatever tea you have.... Okay so go ahead and brew your self some tea. Now instead of throwing those precious tea bags in the trash (What a waste!!) your gonna need 2 by the way. So let them cool down so their just warm. Make sure to squeeze out most of the liquid from the bags. Now this is easy, your just gonna take and place a tea bag on each eye and leave it on for like 10 minutes. The tea leaves have all those good minerals and vitiams and will help reduce under eye circles and puffy eyes.

So there you have it 2 pretty simple yet effective way of naturally getting rid of those under eyes and puffy eyes.
Until next time

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