Monday, June 29, 2015

Hola mi amigos y familia!

These are my amazing companions Sister Warrell and Sister Hatch! 

So as most of you know I got a call on Tuesday afternoon saying that they had a plane ticket for me leaving to the Pocatello Idaho mission on Thursday morning! super crazy! So haha I only had a day to go see my family and get things packed! Thankfully I had the amazing sister missionaries from the Albany Branch back in Missouri come help me out! THANKS!! 

I left and had a 6 hour layover in Salt Lake City airport before making the 30 minute flight to Pocatello. And I met Presidente and Sister Brinkerhoff, which I'm super sad because they will be leaving today and we now have President and Sister Hancock. But it will be nice to have just one mission president my whole mission. 

I'm currently serving in the Pocatello North 1 area, and we are super busy all the time. I'm currently serving as a English speaking sister, but they still have me doing language studies in the morning, so after my 12 week training I will be transferred back to Spanish.

The people here are amazing, and on fire about missionary work. Oh and despite popular belief there are almost more non members than members here hahaha!   

We are in a walking/biking area, but they took pity on us as a trio and only having two bikes and gave us a car for 7 weeks, because sister Warrell will be heading back home to Tulsa Oklahoma in August :-( I don't want to talk about it, I'm so sad!! But not to worry we have plans to stuff her in my suitcase and put her in the extra closet in our apartment when the time comes.

Anyways we only have a 3 hour P-day today because of the holiday this weekend, so we get a full day P-day on Saturday!!

I love you all so much!! 

Hermana Bell

Hey guys! 

Whew I made it and I'm still alive, as are my companions hahaha! My luggage got lost in Salt Lake so when I got to Pocatello all I had was my carry on, which just had shirts and cardigans. But we were able to track them down and they sent them on Saturday morning over to our apartment. So I have all my stuff now haha! Anyway, don't send my blanket mom, they provide them in this area. Ummm so this is where I live... Hahaha no just kidding, but right over that mountain is where I actually live. 
Please send me pictures and stuff! I feel like I've been gone for a eternity, even though the days go by super super fast! 
I drove for the first time today in Pocatello. It's so beautiful here! And the people are so nice to me.  I met someone from Overland Park KS last night, she moved 5 years ago, used to live on I-435 and Holmes and worked over on 87th street, her husband is a member but she is not. She is kinda my person! I feel like I was put here just for her! We talked about Kansas City and the Royals for a while, and shes coming to church with us next week. Oh hahaha So we cover 4 wards here in our area. So Sundays are super busy, we go to church from 9am to 4pm. It makes for a long day. And then we also have ward correlations and stuff. 

We never have to go tracting though. We get anywhere from 5 to 15 referrals everyday. So haha and we do so much service. If someone doesn't want to hear our message we just ask if we can do anything for them, and the answer is almost always yes! So we spent 3 hours on Friday and 2 hours on Saturday painting a house and weeding a garden. 

I miss you guys so much!! 
Can you please post my ldsmail email address and address to send letters on Facebook? Also all packages and letters just get sent to the mission office. 

(Here's the address)
Hermana Kimberly Anne Marie Bell
135 south 7 avenue
Pocatello Idaho 83201

I love you guys so much!! Tell me about your life's! I don't have any emails really to read :-( 

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