Monday, July 6, 2015

Dos semanas en Pocatello norte primera!

It's been super crazy this week because.... WE GOT A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT!! 
We met them on Wednesday and I love them! They are amazing! And I'm super excited to have just one mission presidente my whole mission!


Monday: We had a half p-day because of the 4th of July, so we emailed real quick and did our shopping. And then we just went and saw some people. By the way door to door knocking doesn't work here, I haven't gone tracting once hahaha! We walk a lot but we depend on referrals mostly. Here in Idaho everyone knows who you are and thinks they know everything they need to know about the church, so tracting doesn't work here, we really depend on members. 

Tuesday: We got a new investigator. He is 18, no one in his family is a member and his dad is very Anti-LDS, but he has a couple of friends who are. And one of them got his mission call a couple of months ago to Japan. So Sam asked him about the church and was very interested. So his friend told him to pray about it, thinking that he probably wouldn't do it. But he was wrong, Sam got a hold of us and and told us that he had prayed and heard a voice saying he needed to learn the lessons. So we taught him the first lesson, which I feel like we aren't really doing anything. He is so prepared! So we invited him to a baptism that was the next day.

Wednesday: We met the new mission presidente and his amazing wife. They are from Arizona and I love them so much! I'm excited to get to know them! 
Sam came to the baptism (Which was awesome, and Elder Anderson from Lenexa KS, performed the baptism) Oh yay hahaha to all of my friends from the Lenexa Stake I finally met Elder Anderson, he is actually in my district. By the Way our district is pure awesome ;-)
Anyway after the baptism we took Sam on a church tour and invited him to be baptized.... 
And he said yes!! So July 18th he will be getting baptized, he is so amazing and has such a strong testimony of the gospel already, we have literally done nothing! But its also going to be crazy because we have to teach him all of the lessons and get his interview and baptism planned in less then 2 weeks! 

Thursday: We went and saw a lot of people and visited a lot of inactive members. Everyone here is so amazing! I love them! 
Friday: Much like Thursday. 

Saturday: All day p-day! We slept in until 8:30, which was amazing and much needed. And then Our zone drove up to the mountains and started hiking up, we only made it like 2 miles before we decided to head back down. On the way back down I was talking to the other Spanish missionary s and this snake came slithering, very fast (I literally thought it was running bahahaha!) towards me and just stopped. I won't lie me and one of the hermana's were screaming hahaha! Scared me half to death, anyway I think it was more scared of us then we were of it. But no one was hurt and no one fell off the mountain so all is well! 
Me and my companions went and got lunch with the Sister Training Leaders and then we drove over to one of the stake centers with our zone (I say one of them because there are 11 stakes in just Pocatello!) And dragged all of the couches and tvs and took them to the gym and got a bunch of snacks and watched Big Hero 6, Despicable me 2. and Night in the museum 3. (Yes these were approved before hand :D) 
We then watched fireworks and had a amazing 4th with our whole zone!

Sunday: We were able to meet Sam and discuss what days would be good to teach lessons (Which is at least one lesson every other day!) And he is actually super excited!

So anyways I still have a couple of personal emails to send so 
Adios for now!

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