Tuesday, July 22, 2014

5 things maybe you didn't know about me ;-)

So I thought maybe I'd do a get to know me post! Cause I don't even know myself sometimes :-P

So here we go......

1) I'm a hairdresser

Yes that's right peeps! Full fledged fully licensed cosmetologist! Went to Paul Mitchell in February of 2012 to January 2013. Learned a lot, made the Deans list, made a lot of new friends, went to Caper, and broke free of my old life.

I guess you could say it changed my life.

I was starting to go down a path I didn't want to go. With people I didn't want to be friends with.

I freezed my tracks, made some split second decisions, found a apartment, and hit the road to turning my life around! Thank goodness Heavenly Father was always there, even when I didn't realize or had pushed him away!

Number 2!! I have a twin sister!

And I don't mean a friend that is like a twin sister, I mean born 3 minutes apart, identical, opposite personality twin sister.

see isn't she the cutest!!

Shes also my best friend!

We have the best of times together!

I love her more than anything!!!!

okay now number 3) I'm a vegetarian.

I used to eat meat. But that year I was at Paul Mitchell I also changed my eating habits.

Cut out all fast food, meat, most candy,  and all caffeine.

I started exercising, eating healthy, and it changed my attitude. I became happy, less moody, a better person so to speak.

Anyways number 4) I play the violin and piano.

Yes its true! My true passion in life is my music! I am giving it up for 18 months of  my life to serve a mission. But its worth it!!

Music is my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number 5) I have a weird personality and strange fashion.

Haha! I've always worn what I wanted to do, danced when I wanted to, sang when ever I felt like it, laughed during the most inappropriate times.

Essentially my life is a living musical! XD

I used to imagine it in black and white tho..........

Or a silent movie XD

So there we have it!

Hope this post wasn't boring or anything :-P

Now I wanna hear from you guys!

Comment below, tell me something I maybe didn't know about you. Cause I wanna hear about it :-D

Kimmy XoXo



  1. You are my special blessing! Really you are!

  2. I'm a top secret agent for Charlie.