Monday, August 3, 2015

Mid-week news

Won't lie, this week has been a blur! 

Me and sister Worrall have been looking for people to teach, and getting ready to send her home next Monday :( 

We had a baptism on Saturday!! Sam's adopted sister Emily got baptized! She is so amazing, I love her, and her testimony is so strong! 

We were able to take Emily, her mom Kathy, and the stake presidents daughter to the Idaho Fall's visitor center. We watched "Meet the Mormons" and then took a tour of the visitor center. I was so touched, both me and Kathy cried while we watched the movie! Haha at least I wasn't a lone crier! 
  Kathy is amazing! She is taking the lessons, and I'm pretty sure she is my second mom! One day we were running late to things, and we ran over there to give Emily the baptism interview questions and she said "hope your hungry I made a veterinarian pizza!" without even knowing that we had to skip lunch that day because we running to meetings! 

  So Saturday was a bitter sweet day, they had stake baptisms (I didn't know this existed before coming here! They take all of the kids who turned 8 that month, and have the baptisms, because there are so many of them!!) And then as soon as they were done, we ran to get things set up for Emily's baptism. 
  When she came out of the water she was just smiling and glowing! She was so happy! 

The day was bitter sweet because right after the baptism we had the funeral for a 17 year old boy. He had a muscular disease where his muscles over time dissolved. So sad and heartbreaking! He was such an amazing person. He spent his whole life serving others. Even when he was in pain! He was such an amazing example to those around him, and I learned so much from him in the time that I did get to know him. 
  The days before he died he wasn't able to swallow or eat food, but he was always smiling and comforting those around him! One of the last things he did was take all of his money and bought his younger brother a gift, and told his parents to give it to him after he passed. 
I cried.... 
I learned more about kindness and attitude from him in the last 5 weeks than I have in the last 22 years of my life!! 
Emily was confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday, and her brother Sam was ordained with the Priesthood! 
 And Kathy came up to us after and told us that when we are ready, she is ready to be baptized!! 

Kathy is another amazing example of kindness. She works with special needs children all day and loves and cares for everyone around her. 

Anyway we are getting transfer calls this Thursday, so we shall see what will happen.
I love all of you and think about each of you constantly!

As the recent Cinderella movie taught us... 

Have courage and be kind!

Hermana Bell.  

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