Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Now straighten your knee!!"

The quote for this week comes from my dance instructor, who is very much determined to get us super duper flexible! But I will admit, I love my dance class! No matter how hard and tiring it may be!!

So some run downs of the week,

I made it through my 2nd full week of classes, and here's the crazy thing; our first midterms start in another 2 weeks! Whaaa?! Hahaha apparently though it's just like a normal test, but it's called a midterm... Just go with it.

I also survived my first full week of getting up at 3:30am to go to work! 

I love vacuuming me some floors! 

I got called this week to be a relief society teacher in my ward, never done that before, but I'm excited! Mainly you should just feel sorry for the women who have to listen to me talk for 40 minutes once a month 😉😉

Oh my little blue smurf! Let me tell you about this thing here at BYU called the creamery! It's amazing, everything from the milk to the icecream! If you ever come to Provo you have to go to the creamery. This is a good thing and a bad thing because the creamery just so happens to be about 50 feet from where I live, thus the horrible habit of going there way more often then I really should hahaha! 

Everything is going well here, trying to keep up with everything, but everything is good. I'm just super excited to finally be here! 

So I miss all of you tons! 
Let me know how it's going!

Kimmy xoxo

P,s have I told you how awesome and special each and everyone of you is to me? Because you are!

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  1. Trapped in a room being forced to listen to you talk for 40 minutes each month. Is that a new form of torture or a new form of entertainment? I'm betting you will do a great job! Just don't read everything from the book! So much you can add in to make it all work!