Friday, January 1, 2016

Week one: I got a year pass to all the national parks in America!

So I will be posting here weekly to keep all of my family and friends up to date with life here at the Y (Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah) 
  So me and my mom left on Sunday and drove all over the west side of the country. We got too see tons of places, parks, people, eat lots of different kinds of food, and even hike into some mountains. 
  We went to Wamego Kansas where they have the wizard of oz museum (which by the way was super awesome!)

And then we headed over to the great sand dunes in Colorado. We had tons of fun and were covered in sand by the end, but hey we got our exercise in for
 the day. 

We tried driving up to Mesa Verde Colorado, but by the time we made it there it was too dark too see anything. 
  We then traveled all the way over the the land of enchantment and spent the night in Santa Fe, where the oldest church in America is. It was really awesome going in and they even let you ring the original bell!! 

Me and mom spent most of the day in Santa Fe and did some shopping before hitting the road again. 
  We headed too the Grand Canyon next but made an impromptu stop at the Painted Deseret and the Petrified Forest where we hiked for a while and bought a traveling cactus named Arizona which now sits on the dash of my car. 


We were heading up to Zions national park when (and if you have ever traveled with me you know I stop like almost every 20 minutes hahaha!) 
 We saw a sign for a paleontology museum. We went in and found out it was a recent dig (started in 2000) where they had already found 20 new species of dinosaurs! It is currently the largest amount of land being dug for fossils in the USA. 

We finally made it too Zion's and hiked there for about 3 hours. We were able to hike down into the canyon which was super awesome! And we even got too see some mountain goats. 

Finally after almost 5 days on the road (have I mentioned that I stop a lot?) we made it too Provo (even if it was -15 degrees...)

I met my awesome roommate Janelle Yuen Ting, she is from Malaysia and this is also her first semester at BYU. It's super awesome because we are both majoring in Biology and taking Spanish #StudyBuddy

Anyways if anyone wants to write me while I am here at school my address is 1222 Hinckley Halls 
Provo, Utah 84602

Also don't forget I also have email

And also you can text or call me still!!

Till next week,
Love you all!!
Kimmy xoxo