Sunday, January 10, 2016

"You would die" "No I'm gonna fly!"

The title for this week comes from a conversation I had with a friend when they said something about falling off a high building
Me: You would die!"
Them: No, I'm gonna fly!'

So wow! I survived my first week in the ocean! Well its not a ocean, but at a school where there is over 30,000 students, you kind of feel like just another fish in the sea.

 (Look at picture, this is about 50% of the students here on campus. Need I say more?)

So I started Monday off running trying to find where my classes were, note to self next time I attend a huge university, actually attend the tour at the orientation ;-)

Anyways, so fun things that happened this week...

-I got a job, I wake up at 3:30am everyday and go and clean a building and get off at 7:30am everyday. I like it because by 7:30am you are done with work for the day. Getting up is the not so fun part.
-I applied to get my Utah Cosmetology license and it went through, which means I will be a licensed Utah cosmo in like 3 week!
-I went to a Luau on campus with my roomie, Janelle, and we had a blast dancing for almost 3 hours and meeting people. (It's really hard meeting people here hahaha, you just kinda got to go for it and not hesitate, take the opportune moment #Kairos #CaptainJackSparrowAdvice)

Oh also me and Janelle found Batman 😉

Did I mention that there are a lot of stairs here? No? There tons of stairs here! Every building, every sidewalk, etc etc. but hey at least we get our excersize in #IWorkoutKindOf 
Went and saw my advisor this week and I saw this on his desk "ashes of problem student"
He said that there is only one person in the history of his career as an advisor that he would want to do that too hahahaha... My advisor is pretty legit. 

Well I know this is sort of a short post today but we have a ton going on and not enough hours in the day too do it all 

I love you all so much!
Till next week,
Kimmy xoxo 

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