Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Careful there are hobos in these rocks"

Hey family and friends!! How are you?

Goodness its been a good week, I mean it usually is. 
So  this week we have been working a lot with our wards to set up a ward mission leader training. We all get caught up in the idea that missionary's do all the finding, but in reality its really the members there in the area. We as full time missionary's are only in an area for 6 weeks to a couple of months. We don't get enough time to get to know every single person in a city or a town. We depend on members more than anything. You are the ones who know your friends and neighbors, your family and acquaintances. So take the time and get to know them. Invite them over for dinner or just over to get to know each over more :-)

So bad habits.... yeah I have a lot of those hahaha :-)
My worst one; technology 
  I didn't realize how dependent I was on technology until I came here on my mission. But I realized how much time I actually did spend on my computer, my phone, the TV, an I-pad, etc, when I finally made it here to Idaho. I was to concerned about TV to get to know people around me. Like it was slightly more important then my friends and others. I realize that this isn't a problem for everyone, it was just one of my bad habits. 
  I was able to replace bad habits such as watching 8 hours of TV a day with an hour of scripture study or getting to know people around me. 
  I have looked back at the difference it made in my life. Even though I wasn't watching or listening to things that were bad or anything it was just the amount of it! It was making my attitude towards others sour and mean at times! When I cut this out my attitude changed, I was happy and felt good. I wanted to talk to others and be around them!

So what it your bad habit? Is it stopping you from being who you could be?
So funny quote of the week. This is from our 11 year old investigator; "Careful there are hobos in these rocks." and ten minutes later "Today a hobo crawled over my feet today. But it's okay he was nice."
So you can only imagine the images going through my head right? All I can really think is "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL'S HOMELESS PEOPLE!?"
Well come to find out that she wasn't talking about homeless people. There is apparently a "hobo" spider out here hahaha Pretty crazy right? 
Anyway everyone I miss you tons! 
And remember this quote from Cinderella "Have courage and be kind." Because what more can you be then kind? 
We could all use a little more kindness in our lives!

Love you all!!

Hermana Bell

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