Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life in Idaho


So we had the amazing privilege of getting to meet Elder Martino of the 70 yesterday! He spoke with us for 6 hours and let me tell you I feel so uplifted and inspired afterwards! 
  He talked with us about missionary work and working with members and then talked about life in general! I have to say I left really inspired!
Anyway me and Sister Brough have been working all week to find more people to teach, and on Wednesday of last week we called our dinner appointment to confirm and he happened to be in a bishopric meeting and told us that they had a referral for us. So we called the family and she said that her and her daughter had been going to church off and on and that they wanted to be baptized! So we went over the next day and taught a lesson and by the time we had left we had already set a baptism date with them!! Heavenly Father really does answer prayers and hard work does pay off. Maybe not as soon as you think it will or in the way it will but it will happen!
Let me tell you about my amazing companion sister Brough. She is from Memphis Tennessee, we have debates about which BBQ is better; Memphis or Kansas City. Neither of us can win because neither have tried the other cities BBQ. She is super funny and has amazing personality and connects with other people very well. 4 months ago she was serving here in Pocatello when her and her companion were hit by a car in a cross walk. She went home and found out that she had not only broken her leg, some of her toes, but that she had also broken her neck! 
  She made a remarkable fast recovery and came back out. She has worked harder then anyone I have ever met! 
  My first 3 days with her she made me breakfast. 
We both love Harry Potter (Score!) and Lord of the Rings. And we just get along very well.

Well family and friends I love you more than I can say, and miss you tons!
I hope all is well and I love reading your emails and letters! 
Stay strong!
Hermana Bell   


  1. Hi, what's the kind of watch you were wearing? I'm looking for one like that

    1. I actually just got it at Walmart, I believe it was only $15 too.